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Spring is upon us, which means the return of baseball. It seems only fitting that with a new season of America’s pastime just underway, we discuss another area where the performance in the lead-off position can be vital: leading off the claims process by providing notice to your insurer.

FEBRUARY 26, 2010: Cal State Fullerton gymnastics at in Fullerton, CA. Photo by Matt BrownSay your company’s just been sued, received a demand letter, suffered massive property damage, or incurred some other type of substantial loss. If your routine practice in these high-stress situations is to consider potentially applicable insurance, you’re ahead of the curve and should pat yourself on the back. Because too often, even if understandably, insurance is an afterthought to companies in the midst of a crisis. Unfortunately, in such situations, when a company does get around to making an insurance claim, the insurer commonly denies coverage on the basis of late notice.

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