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Pillsbury Insurance Insolvency Watch: Northwestern National & Highlands

iStock-528814329-300x211Northwestern National, the successor to Bellefonte Insurance Company, was placed into liquidation by a court in Wisconsin in May. Northwestern National was previously put into rehabilitation by the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance in 2007 and exited rehab in 2012. Its policyholder surplus has continued to decline in recent years and does not meet the statutory minimum. A claims bar date has been set for November 2, 2019. More information and Proof of Claim forms can be found at the liquidation website.

Highlands went into receivership in 2003, with an initial claim bar date of March 30, 2007. A new claim update bar date—for previously filed, but undetermined claims—has been set for October 31, 2019. This bar date is for updates to contingent or unliquidated claims already timely filed and accepted before the initial bar date. The motion seeking the updated claim bar date, which includes the proposed “Proof of Claim Update Form” as Exhibit A to the Craig A. Koenig Affidavit, can be found here, and the court order approving the motion and form can be found here. The general Highlands receivership website is located here.

Policyholders should seek to determine whether Northwestern National or Highlands wrote coverage in their historic liability program, and if so, should file a notice of claims, including Incurred But Not Reported claims, if appropriate, before the claims bar date. Pillsbury can assist policyholders in attempting to identify historic coverage and preparing claims for submission, if required.